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IGUAZÚ falls are located within the Iguazú National Park, in the border line with Brazil. The word Iguazú, that in guaraní language means “great water”, are composed by 275 jumps scattered in form of average moon throughout 3 km and with falls that surpass the 80 meters.

Between the falls that stand out are the Mitre, Belgrano, Rivadavia, San Martin, Bozzetti, Two Sisters and the famous Devil´s Throat , one of the most spectacular waterfalls by its size and a film effect.

Iguazú falls were declared Natural Patrimony of the Humanity by UNESCO in 1984. The Iguazú Park, that lodges to the famous fall, counts on 67,000 hectares, in which live more than 400 species of birds, around 2,000 vegetal species, which does of this place one of richer natural atmospheres.

To incomparable the attractiveness of the Iguazú area , that do of this zone one of the more important tourist destinies of South America, they add an ample and modern hotel infrastructure with establishments 5 stars, familiar hotels, simple lodgings and restaurants for all the tastes and pockets.

Shoppings and commerce, one completes supply of services and the possibility of developing numerous activities like: nautical strolls, long walks in the forest, safaris photographic, fish sport, etc., in rustic natural surroundings and silvester atmosphere they make more tempter visit the zone.

To arrive up to here is very simple, Puerto Iguazú and Foz do Iguaçu count on modern international bus stations and terminal airports that connects them with the main cities of each country. Also the use of given automobile is frequent the good state and signaling of the highways.

The city of Puerto Iguazú, founded on 1901 in the extreme northwest of Misiones province , has 40,000 habitants and is the ideal point to lodge and to know the zone from the Argentine.


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